Eagle International Group Holdings

Company profile

Eagle International Group Holdings is the holding company established in South Africa in 1995. The holding company is Property Development and Investment Company; so we have branched out into Construction, Golf Course& Country Club Management, Property Management, High Tech Protea Farming, International Finance and International Trade.

The South African wine-making history is for more than 350 years. In Stellenbosch area, the soil and weather is very suitable for the grapes growing and wine brewing. The whole area is over 100,000 Hectares, and it contains over 350 cellars and wine farms.

The origin of Eagle Canyon International Wine is made in Stellenbosch area where it has more than 325 years’ history of wine production. The Dutch colonists firstly started to grow grapes and make wines. In the past years, 60 to 70 percentages of the wines was sold to Europe and America, while nowadays the South African Wines are in great demand all over the world.

According to the research, the HDL and tannin contained in Wine are very helpful to the heart and blood vessel disease. Drinking wine regularly and reasonably, it can help the old people get self health care; it also can help the young people get relaxation and good mood.

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